Care for your Succulent Arrangements

Succulent Boxes

If you plan to keep your box indoors, be sure to place it in an area with bright indirect light like a window sill. Otherwise you can keep boxes outdoors in the garden and bring them indoors for a limited time to enjoy for a special occasion or dinner party.
Your succulent centerpiece has been planted with a mix of cactus soil, vermiculite, and sand. This mix ensures proper drainage for the plants. Succulents do not like to stay wet. Water only when the soil feels dry, this may be only once per week or less.

Succulent Stars and Hearts planted in moss

These arrangements are meant to be hung vertically on an outdoor wall or fence where they will receive bright indirect light or morning sun and afternoon shade. You can bring the succulents indoors for a limited time to enjoy for a special occasion like as a centerpiece or displayed on the mantel. 

While moss is a perfect place for succulent roots to take hold, it can dry out faster than soil especially when there are warm temperatures. Like soil planters, only water when the moss feels dry. You can lightly water the arrangement or soak it in the sink for a few minutes.


We want our customers to have success caring for thier succulents. Please let us know if you have concerns about your product or need replacement plants.